Detailed History and Facts of Marietta 
updateDetailed Early Marietta History 
Marietta, Pennsylvania
    1719   Purchase of 300 acres by Indian trader Robert Wilkins along     
              river, adjacent to property of George Stewart, also a trader. 

  1727   Wilkins property sold to The Rev. James Anderson, whose 
             son, James, subsequently establishes a ferry. 

  1733   George Stewart's son inherits land which he sells to David 
             Cook in 1748 
  1803   David Cook's son lays out town of New Haven (east end of  
  1804   James Anderson IV lays out town of Waterford (west end 
             of Marietta). 
  1812   Anderson and Cook procure charter and name the town 
  1813   John Pedan, James Mehaffey, and James Duffy purchase 
              land west of Anderson's, lay out lots in what is known as 
  1814   Jacob Grosh purchases and lays out lots now the 
             easternmost four blocks of town. 
  1816   Market House erected on square; Union Meeting House 
              construction on public burying ground authorized. 
  1817-  Economic crisis checks town expansion; 
  1825-   recovery slow until Pennsylvania Canal built 
  1830    from 1825-30.  Planing mills, lumber yards, carpentry 
              shops vie with taverns as backbone of local economy. 
  1847   Borough erects Town Hall at Walnut and Waterford 
c.1850   Iron smelting leaves indelible mark on town with as many 
              as six furnaces, as well as rolling mills, in borough.  Vital 
              remnants of iron industry are homes of ironmasters, still 
              serving as residences. 
  1861-  Marietta raise five companies of soldiers for Union Army. 
  1865   Women knit and bake bread in support.  River banks 
               fortified in 1863 as Confederate Army invades York. 
  1863   First National Bank of Marietta becomes first chartered 
             bank  in  Lancaster  County  and  twenty-fifth  in United States. 
  1876   Marietta celebrates U.S. Centennial.  First issue of The  
             Marietta Times published on Thanksgiving; continues until  
              early 1960s. 
c.1880   Mansions in Marietta are sites of lavish entertaining, 
               hosting Presidents Grant and Cleveland, Supreme 
              Court justices, and railroad presidents. 
  1882    Dr. H. M. Alexander founds what is now Wyeth 
              Laboratories, the first commercial biological laboratory 
               in the U.S.; produces more vaccine than all other such 
               establishments in U.S. by 1984. 
  1893   Columbia and Donegal Electric Railway runs its first car 
              from Columbia to Marietta through Chiques Hill Park. 
  1917-  Marietta again sends men to serve their country, 
  1918    including Lt. Benjamin Heistand, in whose memory 
              the Marietta Community House is dedicated. 
  1972   Floods from Hurricane Agnes devastate the town,  but 
             spark restoration efforts. 
  1978   The United States places a portion of the town on the 
             National Register of Historic Places, calling it a well 
             preserved example of a mid-19th-century town. 
  1984   The Marietta Historic District Extension is dedicated, 
             making  48% of the town now part of  the National 
             Register of Historic Places. 

Marietta offers:  
      • Bed and Breakfasts
      • A walking tour of the Historic District
      • An Historic Movie Theater
      • Marietta Day in May
      • Candlelight Tour of Homes- First Sunday of December
      • July Fourth Fireworks and Celebration
      • Restaurants
      • Unique Shops
      • The Susquehanna River
      • A Winery
      • Antique Shops
      • Music Box Museum
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