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MONDAY  MAY  28,  2001
11:00  A.M.
American Legion
POST # 466
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MAY  28,  2001
11:00  A.M.
Marietta Police Escort American Legion Color Guard
Sons of American Legion Donegal High School Marching Band
Mayor  Oliver Overlander Rep. Thomas Armstrong
Grand Marshall:     Eugene Goss Marietta Jaycees
  (Essay Contest Winners)
American Legion  #466 Auxiliary Marietta Scouts
  (Cub Scouts, Brownies and Girl Scouts)
M.Y.A.A.     ( Team Members ) Marietta Lions Club
Thunderbirds Motorcycle Club Marietta Pioneer Fire Co
Marietta Ambulance Association Maytown / East Donegal Fire Co.
Tom Youndt,  Don Neal,  Glen & Linda Shepler,  Charles Hatfield
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Eugene (Buck) Goss, Sr.
      Buck is a World War II veteran who resides in Columbia, PA with his wife Joanne.       The Goss's are parents of three sons (two that served in the United States Navy and one a Vietnam Veteran),
four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
      Private First Class Goss, a World War II, United States Infantryman, was with the famous Timberwolf Division, serving in Germany.       After two (2) years of service, Buck was brought back to
active duty to demonstrate the 75 mm recoilless rifle at Fort Dix, New Jersey.
      That was broadcast nationwide on NBC in 1950.
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Ceremonies will be held at the Marietta Gay Street Cemetary
INVOCATION: Post Chaplin:      Michael Gilgallon
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Commander:     Don Neal
INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS: Mr. Robert Heiserman, Jr.
NATIONAL ANTHEM: Donegal High School Marching Band
OPENING REMARKS: Mayor:     Oliver Overlander
GUEST SPEAKER: State Representative Thomas Armstrong
DISSERTATION: Marietta Jaycee Essay Winners
BENEDICTION: Micheal Gilgallon
SALUTE TO ARMS: Members of the Marietta American 
Legion Firing Squad
DECORATION OF GRAVE: Members of the Marietta American
  Legion will decorate the grave of the
  last Marietta veteran who has passed away.
TAPS: James Smith
Assemble at the rear parking lot of Riverview Elementary School
Proceed down Aaron Street - West on Market Street - North on Gay Street
 ( Flag Raising Ceremony at Square )
Parade will proceed to the Marietta Gay Street Cemetary
 Marietta special police will be on duty during the Memorial Day Services.
 Please show them your every courtesy.
They served and fought and died
                               so that we might be safe and free
 Grant him, O Lord, eternal peace
                          and give them "The Victory"!
And in these days of unrest 
                        filled with grave uncertainty,
    Let's not forget the price they paid
                    to keep our country free...
And, so, on this Memorial Day, 
              we offer up a prayer---
May the people of all Nations 
             be united in Thy care,
And grant us understanding 
                 and teach us how to live
So we may lose our selfish pride
                    and learn to love and give,
And keep us ever mindful 
                        of the fighting men who sleep
In Arlington and foreign lands, 
          so we may ever keep
 The "Light of Freedom" burning
                             in their honor through the years,
         And hear their cry for peace on earth
                resounding in our ears---
Forgive us our transgressions 
                         and "Oh, God, be with us yet"
Lest in pride and arrogance 
          we heedlessly forget.
                                                  --- Helen Steiner Rice
The Marietta American Legion Post #466 would like to express their thanks to the following for their financial support:
 Covanta Energy Lancaster Inc.
McLeary's Media, Inc.
 New Jersey Shell Co.
 Donegal Mutual Insurance
 Delores Wise
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